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  • Good to see your alumni interacting with their home. It was mine also for 4 years back in the day..flat L many great memories
    Rob Minne

  • Gentlemen

    It is wonderful to see so much positive attitude and energy coming from the current caretakers of the Xanadu spirit! It is also great to see this site up and running. It would be good to see the network of Xanadu Alumni being leveraged through a site like this. (Maybe just with a link to a Facebook page?) It seems like Yonda and the 2009 leadership have made a great impact. I wish the 2010 HK all of the best for this exciting year ahead!

    With kind regards
    Stephen Munro
    Xanadu Primarius 1996
  • To my fellow compatriots

    The year was 2008 when the idea of a student contract came upon me. I was shocked at how much we students of Xanadu were taken for granted at times, left to feel like we were not worth more than what was given to us, left to feel like we could not do anything more to better ourselves. My pride as a fellow Zepp was tarnished, for all of that was contrary to vision and dream I had for our dome. Came the dream of a student contract to make sure that student rights and interests were always on the agenda. What awaited me on the periphery was beyond my imagination, I will forever be grateful for the privilege I had to be part of your 2009 leadership, and it was indeed a humbling experience. As I stand today I can say I am a leader because I led with leaders that were led by a leader, individuals that serve student interest selflessly willing to go for days without food at a time.

    In 2009 came the idea of student renaissance. After spending almost a year in the Xanadu leadership and experiencing the revolution of character Xanadu was going through I was inspired. The Xanadu I once dreamt about was coming to life, the house of rejection was now taking ownership stealing back the hearts of hundreds in the process. The idea of the renaissance was meant to compliment the development Xanadu was undertaking, finding innovative ways of conflating the 2009 vision with the challenges and personalities of the upcoming 2010 vision.
    He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. ~Harold Wilson

    I am sure the upcoming house comm. will peruse the 2009 agenda and take something from it, making sure student interests always take priority.
    To my Swagger house, it has been a pleasure gentlemen I hope I have added value in your lives.
    Lets us triumph in our endeavours not because the sun is shining but because we have foreseen and prepared well for the battles ahead of us.

    Xanadu House Comm
    Catering HK
    Head of Swagger House Head quarters
    Yonela Mashalaba
  • js wanna holla @ XM peeps, frm Xanadu Square 2 Melodi Annex TV-less TV room, lol! its bn a gr8 yr bt its tht The Most Electrifying King left. Dnt worry tho coz The ACE is Here..*wink*

    from: Athi "Motherwell" Kilane
  • xanadu maan!!!!!best res ever with da best guys ever.everyone is just so welcomiung and fun 2 be around and yeah without sir SFISO it wud be nothing ha aha aha aha.oh and big ups to D-FLAT Peggy Mpoto
  • All Rise "The Swagga" is in the Building.jus wanna say big ups to the 2009 H.K''s for doing a wonderfull job,hope that the 2010 H.K''s will continue with the good leadership.To all the 2009 H.K''s thanks for the wonderfull job.from Xanadu''s no.1 SWAGGA "VUVU/KAU"
    Sivuyile Timakwe
  • keep doin wat you do best en thats throwing KILLER PARTIES.melodi L8 supports.

    Peggy Mpoto
  • I feel sori for the upcoming house comms, coz they gona hav to live up to the standard sat by the current. I mean who wldve ever thot that Xanadu wld be so electrifying, we had already given up on it. HK''s 2009 u really mde a huge difference in Xanadu this here, now I can start calling it a home away from home. But ofcoz, I hav to isolate the Prim or "Pram" to the Powerhouse. Mr Thomas, on behalf of the Powerehouse, thank u for mking it the best flat. I mean, ive been here for a while now, and yes the previous prims were great, but u were electrifying man. Oh and Im proud to thank u for encouraging us to finally hav a flat top. Its our first time having a flat top and we are gona win the "flat top of the year" by flying colours. Not forgeting our mother, mama Zodwa, without u, things wldve probably turned the opposite direction for Xanadu. We appreciate your support and the fact that u put students first, no res manager has ever done that to my knowledge. Thank u for being the res manager of the year.

  • At this point in time I would like to voice out my great pleasure for the time I have spent living in Xanadu Residence ever since the beginning of this year. firstly I have learnt so many wonderful things in terms of co-operation as well as working together as the team. In terms of academic stuff I have gained a lot because there are Mentors who are always there for to help and advise use when we are faced with academic problems and they are indeed a source of pride to me. They helped me and taught me how to manage time in what ever activity that I have to participate on in the residence. Amongst other things I would not have succeded in my studies this much without their collective support. However, I really want to take this opportunity and concieve a great sense of gratitude to Mrs Zodwa Sekobela for her collective support to the students of Xanadu at large, without her ambition to the work she is assigned to do surely we would go to hell.I therefore thank you!!!
    IZepp into engalali!!!

  • To All the people who resided in XANADU in 2009......

    You fellows are great, you made Xanadu a great place to be.... From the Xanadu Square to the TV room(generations) ... You fellows are great... But the journey does not end there....we still have the world to conquer, and South Africa to improve!!!! You are truelly the leaders of tommorow

    Ngcali Swartbooi
  • Gentlemen, well done on this wonerful endeavour. Indeed you have served Xanadu and made us all to be glad that we are part of it. Keep up the good work.

    Thandile Xani
  • good work gentleman i am proud of youfor taking xanadu to greater heights, once again well done letshwareng yalo.

  • XANADU MAN!!! XANADU House Comm 2009, truelly nothing like it. You guys tought us the true meaning of brotherhood and we will all proudly rise as 2009 ZEPPS and say "I come from XANADU", the house of gentlemen and future leaders.. THANK YOU...
    The BOSSS!!!

    Sibusiso Khumalo
  • I truly want 2 say thanks to you guys 4 what u guys have done 4 us during da orientation,u you guys thought us many things that we were not aware of da university life, how things are done & all da other stuff. I hope da other zepps are also appreciating u guys thanks again. May GOD bless u.
  • gentlemen i must say i am very proud of what you all have done in putting this site together, congratulations excellent work HK''S 2009
  • Hay braz ur doing a wonderful job at XANADU this year,I can see the difference form 2007 and 2008.I used to reside at XANADU and seriously I thought there will be no improvements at XANADU.Sometimes I wish I could comeback HOME,Vuyo,rumza!!!! Keep up the good work mfana wam.

  • The orientation was very exciting in every ways because I learnt what it realy means to be a first year and that I should respect those who are my seniors at NMMU as well as my fellow Kappas and Zepps. One more other thing that I have learnt is that to be able to face the challenges you need to be strong and deligent. After the end of orientation I was more than prepaired to commence my studies because by then I was well detailed about the programe to do at NMMU. IZEPP INT''ENGALALI! Mkuseli Matyholweni (PUBLIC RELATIONS) XANADU MAIN C4
  • It is a really great idea to have the resident house we all love so much being represented like this i am really proud of the xanadu Hakas for such initiative you guys rock man continue to keep doing a great job...


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Good to see your alumni interacting with their home. It was mine also for 4 years back in the day..flat L many great memories Rob Minne